York Saddlery and Harness

Welcome to York Saddlery and Harness

Established in 1978, we have produced some of the finest
custom saddles
, bridle-work and carriage harness to be
found anywhere.


Our shop uses traditional methods such as: hand stitching,
hot creasing
, stuffing saddles with real wool and so on.
While others have replaced many of these methods to reduce
costs, we are dedicated to keeping these traditional methods
alive in the manufacture of our products.


Combining 30 years of experience, dedication and design
expertise, York Saddlery and Harness provides a
refreshing change for customers who appreciate the workmanship
and skills which go into high grade work.


Whether you require a custom-made saddle, perhaps with
matching bridle and accessories or a set of show harness to
suit a particular vehicle, York Saddlery and Harness  is your
maker of choice.


All products are designed and made in our shop.


Prices will be quoted on request.