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Dressage Saddle


Traditional Saddle

  • Balanced seat with encourages
    the rider to attain a correct position
    without restricting freedom of movement.
  • Wide seat for rider comfort.
  • Panels are wool stuffed by hand and are
    designed to permit maximum shoulder freedom
    for the horse.
  • Available with either long or short girth billets.
  • Choice of knee and thigh blocks.
  • Seat and padded flaps in shrunken grain
    or smooth leather.

Special Saddle

  • Single flap design permitting the closest possible
    contact between rider and horse.
  • Combined knee and thigh blocks and calf blocks are integrated into the single flap.
  • Supplied with long billets.
  • Seat and blocks in smooth or shrunken grain leather.

Snaffle Bridle

  • Raised and padded browband and noseband.
  • Cavesson or pull-back style noseband.
  • Flash strap supplied.
  • Bit ends in either buckle or hook stud style.
  • Reins plain, laced, rubber lined or with leather stops.

Weymouth Bridle

  • As per snaffle bridle with raised browband and cavesson.
  • Plain bradoon and curb reins.

Round Bridle

  • Snaffle or weymouth style with all straps stitched round.
  • Raised and padded browband and noseband
  • Snaffle style reins plain, laced, rubber- lined or with
    leather stops.
  • weymouth style reins plain.

Short Girth

  • Thickly padded with full width layer.
  • Triple elastic ends with loops for billets behind buckles.
  • Safes under buckles with loops or slots for billets.

Long girth

  • Shaped, with full width layer.
  • Triple elastics one end.

Stirrup Leathers

  • Hot creased with hand rubbed edges.
  • Buckles are stitched in by hand.
  • Holes are oval punched and numbered.



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