York Saddlery and Harness
Racing Saddle
Racing Bridle



  • Race exercise or steeplechase style.
  • Made with full English tree.
  • Panels are wool stuffed and quilted.
  • Seat is traditional pigskin.
  • Approximate weight 7 lb. (3 kg)

Leather Girth

  • Shaped with full width layer.
  • Plain or elastic end.

Webbing Girths

  • 2" webbing style, supplied in pairs.
  • Each girth with single buckle ends.
  • Elastics at one end.


  • Webbing style with single buckle.
  • Elastic end.

Stirrup Leathers

  • Buckles stitched in by hand.
  • Edges hot creased and hand rubbed.
  • holes are oval punched and numbered.


  • 1/2" width, raised and stitched.
  • Separate throatlatch, buckle ends.
  • 1" reins with rubber grips.
  • Leather loop ends.
  • optional matching cavesson or figure-8 noseband.


Prices will be quoted on request